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Lopez: Thousands of Reusable Bags Ready to Give Away in Advance of Sept 12 Plastic Bag Ban

“We have exceeded our goal of 5,000 bags, and have secured pledges for 8,124 reusable bags – 2,324 of which are on hand. …Yesterday, my wife, our two daughters, our longtime family friend and sister, Maria Berisso-Santos and her daughters, joined me as we kicked off the reusable bag giveaway at Wilbur Peck Court in District 1.” – Anthony Lopez Continue Reading →

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Anthony Lopez: Public housing accusations come from residents, not from politicians

Your claim that candidates who raise issues concerning some of the deplorable conditions at HATG maintained properties are ‘never heard from again’ is baseless. Because we do not write op-eds every week, does not mean that we have given up the fight for the residents who feel voiceless and powerless. I continue to be present.” – Anthony Lopez, Greenwich open letter to HATG director Anthony Johnson Continue Reading →

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Pointed Questions at GHS Student-Run Board of Education Candidate Debate

The candidates had to think fast,as the questions kept coming, and coming. Each was given just 60 seconds to respond to questions that ranged from the value of student evaluations of teachers, race balance, achievement gap, dispersing New Leb students to other schools during construction, handling of teachers accused of impropriety, and impact to sports and extra-curriculars if start and finish time change at GHS. Continue Reading →

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