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PHOTOS: Safe Rides is Safe after Weekend Fundraiser: $30,000+ Raised

The good news for fans of Safe Rides is that Saturday night’s fundraiser at 49 Byfield Lane, a new construction from Silver Properties, was a hit.

“We succeeded in raising $30,000,” said Peter Negrea, a GHS grad now a freshman at Fordham University, who organized the event with current Safe Rides President Julia Moch (GHS senior), and Chad Silver (Hobart class of 2019.) Continue Reading →

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Safe Rides President: Uber is No Alternative to Safe Rides; A Fundraiser is Planned

Safe Rides president Julia Moch rebutted the idea that students substitute Uber for Safe Rides.

“Bedford Road to Old Greenwich costs about $30 with Uber, and that’s not including fare spikes for late night hours,” Moch said. “During daytime ‘quiet hours’ a trip via Uber from top to bottom of Greenwich costs $25…. Sometimes Uber drivers will refuse to pick up kids from parties because sometimes kids won’t show up. And because kids could throw up or damage their car…or spill alcohol.” Continue Reading →

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