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PHOTOS: Safe Rides is Safe after Weekend Fundraiser: $30,000+ Raised

The good news for fans of Safe Rides is that Saturday night’s fundraiser at 49 Byfield Lane, a new construction from Silver Properties, was a hit.

“We succeeded in raising $30,000,” said Peter Negrea, a GHS grad now a freshman at Fordham University, who organized the event with current Safe Rides President Julia Moch (GHS senior), and Chad Silver (Hobart class of 2019.) Continue Reading →

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Drunk Driving Endangers One in Five Teens: Interview with GHS’s Peter Negrea

“I’ve seen drug deals in school. When you go into the bathroom during or in-between classes, you’ll see kids smoking weed or electronic cigarettes, which the fire alarms can’t detect… drug use is so prevalent and nobody is stopping the clear issue. And this is a teen saying this. I’m saying, ‘Great, we understand there’s a problem. Now what are going to do about it?’” said Peter Negrea (GHS ’16), the founder of the Greenwich Safe Rides Board and Executive Secretary of the Greenwich First Selectman’s Youth Commission. Continue Reading →

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