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‘Coyote Safety Kits’ for Greenwich Residents Available on a Case by Case Basis

“Coyote Safety Kits” include “hazing” safety guidelines, reusable safety air blaster or air horn, mini-air blasters (for use while running or for kids), bear bell, whistle, reflective tape and “throw can” (a noisemaker that can be used to scare off coyotes from a distance). Continue Reading →

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Meet Wilma: Good with Kids, Loves to Play Fetch and Frisbee

Meet Wilma a three or four-year-old pit mix available for adoption at Greenwich Animal Control. According to Animal Control officers in Greenwich, Wilma is “very tolerant of kids,” but they’re not sure whether she is good with cats. Wilma is good with some other dogs. Prior to becoming a stray, she was a family dog and loves to give kisses. Wilma loves to play fetch and is a good Frisbee dog too. Continue Reading →

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PHOTOS: Dogs Enjoy a Day at the Beach As Long as Owners Abide the Laws

Saturday, Dec 10 was freezing, but that didn’t stop a couple dozen dogs from enjoying themselves, making friends and plunging in the Sound. Leashed dogs are only allowed at Tod’s Point from December 1 through March 31. Dogs must have licenses attached to their collars, and dogs must remain on a leash in the hands of an adult throughout the park.
All dogs must be under control below the mean high water mark and must NOT cause a disturbance to any person or other animal.
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Sheila and Lex Make a Pit Stop at Pet Pantry

The Pit Stop rescue crew were at Pet Pantry in Greenwich on Saturday with two rescue dogs available for adoption. Lex most outstanding trait, aside from loving people and wanting a companion, is his calm nature. Sheila was hit and dragged by a car, but she has healed up and her personality has blossomed. Both are described as “bombproof” by their rescuers. Continue Reading →

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