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New CT Law Requires Sports Camps Share Info about Grooming; Greenwich Patriots say it “caused a bit of a Stir”

Children have the right to be free from sexual abuse. A good first start is to inform adults what it is and how to spot and prevent it, including people who aren’t parents because adults can be vulnerable to grooming just as children are. Grooming can take place in any type of relationship, often where there is a power imbalance. Continue Reading →

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Is Election Silly Season Creating a Stalemate on Superintendent Contract Renewal?

The BOE voted 4-4 down party lines on a one-year contract extension, Republicans voting yes for one year and Democrats voting no, preferring a 2-year extension. The motion failed to pass. On a motion to extend the contract for two years, there was another tie vote down party lines. That motion also failed to pass. BOE chair Joe Kelly announced he would not be seeking another term in the November election and that was more reason for the superintendent’s contract extension to be one year, not two. Continue Reading →

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UPDATED: Meskers Calls Out Camillo’s Comments about “Groomers” Signs; A Push for More Aggressive Investigation

“…I would have hoped to see our First Selectman maintain a backbone for at least a week. Instead, he walks back his statement, muddies the water and gives comfort to bigots. It’s not a profile in courage. It’s a profile in cowardice and I am embarrassed for my town.” – State Rep Steve Meskers
“After what happened to me in 2019 when my identity was stolen and the person who did it cowardly hid in the shadows until he was caught, is enough to remind us that we should never accuse people without facts. If you remember, there were a few people in the DTC who claimed that I put the signs up, and we have not heard an apology, nor any type of explanation for those accusations back in 2019.” – Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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Big Turnout at Greenwich Pride Event Marks Decades of Progress though “The arc does not always bend toward justice”

“We stand here with our neighbors and our families, our beautiful children who deserve to grow up in a world that is free from hate and discrimination. We stand together to create a message of love and acceptance. And rainbows.” – Alison Steinberg Continue Reading →

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