Greenwich State Reps Proud to Announce CT DOT Approval of Glenville Corridor Project

Greenwich Representatives Rachel Khanna (D-149), Stephen Meskers (D-150), and Hector Arzeno (D-151) announced on Thursday the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s final approval of the contract for the Glenville Corridor traffic and pedestrian safety improvements.

The $6.5 million in state funds that were secured will be awarded to the Town of Greenwich for completion of the project.

“I am so thrilled to hear that after several months of extensive discussions with the Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works and CT Department of Transportation we will be able to undertake the long-awaited traffic and pedestrian safety improvements in the Glenville Corridor,” Representative Khanna (D-149) said in a release. “I look forward to seeing the project’s culmination.”

Representative Meskers (D-150) noted, “I’m impressed by the tireless work from Representative Rachel Khanna; she recognized the needs of her constituents. She put a spotlight back on a project that had stalled and our town residents will be better off because of her effort.”

Hector Arzeno (D-151) added, “A big part of our job is listening to constituents and acting on their behalf. This project is moving forward because of Rep. Khanna’s work is a perfect example.”