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Susan Batcheller, Dr. Paul Lowe, & Henry Del’Angelo Share Their Golden Trios of College Essay Advice

Some take summer classes to help with the daunting task, others try to avoid it at all costs (even with the nagging in the back of their heads), and a few wait until the moment strikes to write down their college-admission-masterpiece. No matter what method used, it’s almost impossible to know what makes up the perfect college essay. Continue Reading →

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World’s Biggest Bird & World’s Biggest Penguin-Loving Paleontologist

Greenwich’s Bruce Museum is fortunate to welcome Dr. Daniel Ksepka as its new science curator. A self-described “penguin enthusiast” with a passion for science and paleontology, Dr. Ksepka sat down with Free Press interns Nicola Traynor and Allie Primak to discuss discoveries, birds, excavations, and all the great things he has planned for our local museum. Continue Reading →

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Want a Change from Chipotle? Try Coyote Flaco

Whereas Chipotle burritos and tacos start tasting the same a few times around, Coyote Flaco has such a variety of options to choose from that I promise you won’t feel bored. Instead, you’ll be anticipating going back just to try all of those other items on the menu you couldn’t choose between the last time you went. Continue Reading →

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