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Crowd at Glenville Forum Vents about Byram River Dam, Flooding, Traffic, Urbanization

Noting the large turnout, Camillo, who is running for re-election for a third term this November, offered to schedule a future forum at a bigger venue. He offered to pick a date in late September after the Sept 24 Valley Jam, and work with local PTA’s to spread the word. Continue Reading →

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Tiriolo Trio Celebrate Big Sister’s 103rd Birthday with Pemberwick Park Bench

The Tiriolo sisters – Mary, Grace and Mildred, better known as “Millie” – literally grew up in Pemberwick Park. Their parents, Bruno and Carmella, had immigrated from Calabria, Italy, and married in 1910 at Sacred Heart Church in Byram before having five children. Mary came along on Jan. 19, 1912, which made Monday her 103rd birthday. Just before noon, the three sisters made a stop in Pemberwick Park, near the house they all grew up in. Continue Reading →

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