Pemberwick Park Drainage Improvements to Begin on Monday

This week the Town of Greenwich Dept of Public Works announced that construction for the Pemberwick Park Drainage Area Improvements Project will commence on October 9, 2023.

Work will include pipe installation, headwall modifications, and trash rack replacement. Restoration of the ball field, park turf, sidewalk, curbing, and pavement will take place upon completion of the installation of the new drainage pipe.

Town property above the backstop in Pemberwick Park where a drainage pipe was blocked with about ten feet of debris. Sept 5, 2021 Photo: Leslie Yager

Following the impacts of Tropical Storm Ida DPW reviewed several areas in the Town, including the Pemberwick Park drainage area, for alternatives to reduce the impacts of future storms.

This project aims to improve drainage and prevent erosion during large storm events in the Pemberwick Park area. Prior to the design phase of the project, a detailed Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) watershed and hydraulic conveyance model analysis was performed to evaluate existing and proposed conditions.

Project Features

  • Raise the existing trash rack headwall.
  • Replace and install a sloped trash rack grate.
  • Install new catch basins including two-foot sumps to trap sediment.
  • Chip the existing boulder at the north corner of the headwall to widen the channel.
  • Install an additional drainage pipe parallel to the existing pipe to increase the capacity.
  • Install a new 24-inch pipe (in the park area) that will run from the headwall to Pemberwick Road and a new 36-inch pipe that will run from Pemberwick Road to the outfall at the Byram River via Rex Street.
  • Install modified riprap at the south corner of the wing wall to stabilize the slope, with appropriate grading.

Project construction is funded through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA). The contractor for this project is FGB Construction of Norwalk. Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works Civil Engineer, Sean Cardwell, is the project manager. For additional information and updates, visit

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