Indivisible Greenwich, DTC Plan Tentative Rally to “Count the Vote”

Indivisible Greenwich and the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee have tentatively scheduled a “Count the Vote” rally the day after the Nov 3 election.

The rally will be confirmed Wednesday morning if nationwide events are called.

“If Donald Trump interferes with, or refuses to permit, the counting of votes, and/or refuses to abide by election results, Indivisible Greenwich activists and members of the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee (GDTC) plan to gather to demand that every vote be counted and that Donald Trump honor the results of the 2020 election,” the organizations said in a joint release on Sunday.

The release says the event is tentatively planned for Nov 4 at 4:15pm at a location to be provided midday to members of the press and attendees. 

Indivisible Greenwich and the Greenwich DTC will join hundreds of groups, including progressive, conservative and voting rights groups, across the country to Protect the Results of the Election.

“We know that we will not have all of the results on election night—it may take days or even longer for states to certify the results. Therefore we need to be ready to respond if Trump or his allies try to prematurely declare victory and to ensure that every vote in every state is counted,” said Joanna Swomley, a founder of Indivisible Greenwich.

“It is imperative that we come together to make sure the voices of the American people are heard,” said Joe Angland, Chair of the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee. “The majority of Americans want to see a fair election where every properly cast vote is counted.”

“As Trump continues to make comments delegitimizing the integrity of our elections and implying that he will not concede, grassroots activists and others across the country will come together to demand that every vote be counted and ensure a peaceful transition of power,” the groups said in the joint release. The sign up link is here.

The nationwide actions are being organized by Protect the Results – a coalition of over 100 groups formed to protect the results of the 2020 presidential election be undermined.