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ANGLAND: What’s behind the attacks on our public schools?

“Conservative commentator Christopher Rufo outlined the plan: ‘To get to universal school choice, you really need to operate from a premise of universal public school distrust.’ And what better way to subvert trust in a system that benefits all than by defunding public schools, and then attacking them as ‘failing’?” Continue Reading →

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UPDATED: Greenwich Republicans Decline to Participate in 2022 LWV Debates

“Greenwich Republicans declined a fourth debate invitation from the Greenwich League of Women voters because of the organization’s diminishing neutrality and objectivity in recent years.” – RTC chair Beth MacGillivray Continue Reading →

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DTC Chair: RTC Statement on Capitol Insurrection Does Not Go Far Enough

“There is no mention of the words and actions of President Trump and his minions that directly inspired the mob, as though the outrageous behavior arose spontaneously as opposed to having been courted for months by a disgruntled president unable to accept the reality of his election loss.” – Joe Angland, DTC Chair Continue Reading →

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