MONTANARO: The Trump Media Effect (or the Reason behind Trump Derangement Syndrome)

Submitted by Joe Montanaro, Cos Cob

The media’s treatment of Trump reminds me of a line from the Billy Bean movie “Money Ball” where a confidant of Billy’s says, “The first person through the door gets the bloodiest”. Never has a president been a bigger threat to the powerful unelected bureaucracy which runs our government in the shadows.

For that reason we should ALL want Donald J. Trump more than ever.

Most people I speak with – left, right and centrist – believe themselves to be critical thinkers. If you are reading this, you probably consider yourself to be a critical thinker. Do critical thinkers unquestioningly believe everything the media tells us?

Of course not.

We clearly see the well-orchestrated effect of a relentless media narrative. The focus of our media’s ire has been on one man for about 7 years now; Donald J. Trump. We would be wise to recognize the goal behind the narrative. The goal is: To push us toward the left, to inject discord into our ranks, to divide us, to distract us from real issues and to shelter their friends and allies from our concerned eyes. This goal is achieved through emotional smoke screens; fabricated outrage, snarky punch lines and clever catch phrases.

When a neighbor speaks out against Trump, invariably it is with words plucked from the nightly news
and large social media platforms.

To those who repeat that Trump isn’t statesmanlike or Presidential, I ask: Is your measure of a politician found in our current administration? If so, then all I can say is; the brainwashing is complete.

Did you know JFK entertained prostitutes in the Lincoln bedroom? Bill Clinton used his power to obtain sexual favors from interns in the Oval Office. Yet it’s Donald Trump’s mean tweets which caused national meltdowns.

Trump bucked the system and pushed promised polices through the sludge of D.C. These were policies on which Democrats and Republicans alike have been campaigning for decades – and never resolving. Was Trump’s success the source of all the hate? When major issues become resolved these dinosaur relics in our government have nothing to run on. With nothing to run on, they can no longer stay in power and continue to enrich themselves on their political thrones.

Establishment politicians make back-room deals to line their pockets and shovel money to their friends. Such deals occur at great cost to the American taxpayer, and are shrouded in terms like pragmatism and bipartisanship.

Contrast the accomplishments of Trump’s presidency with the embarrassing ridiculousness of the man
who currently occupies the White House. He, and all like him are in the same bucket of swamp people – Democrats and Republicans – who only care about passing power back and forth in perpetuity.

They hate Donald Trump and they script your nightly news. I ask again; since when do critical thinkers believe everything the media tells us?

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