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Town Hall Capacity Maxed Out Again: Residents Urge BET to Fund Critical Projects, Not to Cut School Teacher Jobs

Numerous GHS students urged the BET not to cut staff at their school. Residents also talked about the urgency of the OGS renovation, RversideSchool feasibility study, extension of sidewalks further down Shore Road toward Tod’s Point, Cos Cob Library renovation and the Glenville Corridor project. Continue Reading →

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New Renovation Plan Adds 1,120 square feet to the Cos Cob Library

The plan now adds an additional 1,120 square feet to the Cos Cob Library, mainly devoted to a new 857-square foot community room. The layout of the existing interior space will change, shifting the children’s section to the Rotunda area on the eastern side of the building and moving the adult section to the western part of the building. This will provide nearly 600 square feet of additional space for children and young adults.  Continue Reading →

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Drainage in Cos Cob: What’s the Cost of Doing Nothing?

And like the previous meetings for the Pemberwick and Brothers Brook drainage area neighbors responded with frustration that the town wasn’t doing more to mitigate flooding and the emphasis on action items was for residents to do their own flood mitigation. Continue Reading →

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What You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Car

To learn more about how to make the right choice, what you need to know about charging your EV, range anxiety, and how to lower your costs with purchase and charging incentives, register for this new and exciting webinar. Continue Reading →

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Local Author to Discuss Newest Book, “Fairest of Them All” at Cos Cob Library

“Fairest of Them All” is intended for readers in 4th-7th grades.
In the novel, Aria absolutely loves anything and everything to do with the design world.
But sewing and needles are a particularly touchy subject for Aria’s family—especially her mother, Sleeping Beauty who famously pricked her finger on a spinning wheel needle and fell asleep for a really long time. Continue Reading →

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A Little Brooklyn in Cos Cob: Friends of Cos Cob Library & Fred Camillo Host a Night of Nostalgia, Gratitude to Local Businesses

The Friends of Cos Cob Library and State Rep Fred Camillo hosted an evening of Cos Cob nostalgia and a celebration of the local business mix. The owners of Greenwich Cheese Co, Fleishers, Fjord Fish Market and Green & Tonic all brought food for sampling and shared remarks of gratitude to the community. Continue Reading →

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