Local Author to Discuss Newest Book, “Fairest of Them All” at Cos Cob Library

The staff and friends of Cos Cob Library welcome back Cos Cob author, Sarah Darer Littman, who will discuss her new book “Fairest of Them All” on Thursday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

According to the event organizers, Sarah’s books are well written, entertaining, and have significance in our modern world, and “Fairest of Them All” is a sequel to “Charmed, I’m Sure,” and is intended for readers in 4th-7th grades.

The novel features Aria, who has a passion for clothing design and is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty.

A review from School Library Journal concludes, “Verdict – a delightful novel for fans of fairy tales, Project Runway, and tween drama.”

In Littman’s novel, her character, Aria absolutely loves anything and everything to do with the design world.

But sewing and needles are a particularly touchy subject for Aria’s family—especially her mother, Sleeping Beauty – You know, the woman who pricked her finger on a spinning wheel needle and fell asleep for a really long time.

Book jacket, "Fairest of Them All" by Sarah Darer Littman.

Book jacket, “Fairest of Them All” by Sarah Darer Littman.

Because of that little incident, Aria’s parents are uber-protective, and not too happy that their daughter’s passion involves lots and lots of sharp objects.

When the opportunity comes up for Aria to compete in a once-in-a-lifetime junior design competition, Aria decides enough is enough. With a few little white lies and a clever distraction, Aria finds herself auditioning to be a part of the competition—and she is in her element.

But during a frantic challenge, Aria’s needle goes missing. And after borrowing one from a fellow competitor, Aria finds herself under a very inconvenient—and mysterious—spell. Can Aria figure out who would want to sabotage her—and find a way to win?

One reviewer on Booklist wrote that “Fairest of Them All” is a breezy, funny novel that is a must-read for any princess-loving kid.”

Books for purchase and author signing are available after the talk. All are welcome.