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P&Z Nixes Retail Marijuana Establishments in Greenwich, For Now…

“A no vote for recreational cannabis sales and cultivation is also a note vote for working class people and good paying jobs. Jobs with a living wage, vacation and sick time, good health care and retirement accounts. These jobs create careers that require higher education and degrees in chemistry, botany, horticulture and so much more.” – Emily Sabo, Organizing Director for United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 919 Continue Reading →

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Reasons why it is imperative to have a will no matter what your age

In a nutshell, a will dictates what will happen to your assets (referred to as your “estate”) when you die. If you don’t have a will, then you die “intestate,” and the probate court will apply the relevant state laws to determine what happens to your property. The court also decides who will care for any minor children or other dependents and the related costs that must be paid. Continue Reading →

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