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How Long Will It Take To Design My Project?

“At nearly every sales consult to discuss a renovation, the client will ask us this question. Sometimes it takes the form of “When can you start?” Frequently we will be asked “How far out are you booked?” because they think this is what determines the possible start date for their project. Generally, it doesn’t. We can nearly always make a construction crew available when a client has their project ready to build!” – Scott Simonsen, Old World Craftsmen Continue Reading →

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The Joy of Pickleball: Stylish 4Joy Paddles Reflect Greenwich Entrepreneur’s Mission

The first inkling of an idea for a new brand of paddles came from the courts where Stacey Cleary and her husband Rich learned to play during Covid. 4Joy was born in Riverside, and the company is on a mission, with an early commitment to donate a portion of proceeds to four charitable organizations. Continue Reading →

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Neighborhood Facebook Groups Targets of Fraudulent Ads for Home Services


Car detailing, duct cleaning, garage door repair… homeowners can find supposed contractors offering up these services in their community Facebook groups on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. But, are these posts legitimate? In many cases, they aren’t. In fact, according to the CT Better Business Bureau, fraudsters have become so good at hijacking neighborhood Facebook groups, that moderators are having a hard time keeping up. These scammers often use persuasive language and attractive deals to entice unsuspecting homeowners. Continue Reading →

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