Veterinary Hospital Proposed in Office Building at 100 Putnam Green


A pre-application has been filed with Greenwich Planning & Zoning to on behalf of Nightengale Veterinary Partners who seek to locate a veterinary hospital (without kennels) at 100 Putnam Green, aka 5 Western Jr Hwy, just off West Putnam Ave.

The applicant is a prospective tenant of the owner of the property, Maria USA, Inc.

The property is in the R-6 residential zone and has a 14,500 sq ft office building with parking for 36 cars plus 2 ADA spaces.

The building was built in 1970 by the original developers of the residential community surrounding it, which was previously known as Putnam Green and is now known as “Greenwich Place.”

The building, which is legally non-conforming, originally served as the developer’s main office, whose affiliate managed Putnam Green as well as other residential and commercial projects in western Greenwich.

The application narrative notes that the building has gone through a number of ownership changes  ut has always been used as an office building.

The owner purchased the property in 2018 and had it administratively approved for a fertility clinic with up to five medical professionals. However, the clinic is not operating and the entire building is being marketed for lease.

The veterinary group propose to perform specialized veterinary services for companion animals – mainly dogs and cats.

Unlike traditional veterinary clinics, the facility will not offer boarding or kennel services inside or outside. Rather, according to the application narrative, it would focus exclusively on consultations, specialized surgical intervention and high-end post operative care. Most patients would be discharged the same day or following day. Patients receiving overnight care, a medical team would be on site in the recovery room to monitor pain management and the recovery process.

The narrative says the applicant would anticipate having four doctors on staff, alternating between consultation and procedure days and no more than 20 employees in the facility ad any given time.

Proposed hours would be 7:30am to 6:30pm, Monday through Friday. Appointment hours would be from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, with no hours of operation or appointments on weekends or holidays.

Noting that the office building is legally nonconforming, the applicant is making the case that the proposed veterinary hospital would not only not be more detrimental to the neighborhood than the existing use, but would be an overall benefit to the neighborhood.

The application is a discussion item on the June 25 Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, which begins at 4:00pm.

Click here for the meeting agenda.