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Runaway Teens At Large: Interview with Greenwich Commissioner Alan Barry

“Running away is faulty problem solving. When teenagers make a mistake, they should face up to it rather than run. They have to develop more constructive problem solving and coping skills, and it’s on the parents to work with teens, to let them know it’s okay to make a mistake as long as they own up to it,” said Alan Barry, Ph.D., Commissioner for the Greenwich Department of Social Services. Continue Reading →

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Kids in Crisis: If Drinking is a Rite of Passage, Conversation Should Be Too

“People think it’s just a rite of passage that all kids are going to drink and experiment, and that may be so, but the risk isn’t taken out of it. I think that having conversations with your kid and at school on a regular basis about the dangers and pitfalls of risky behavior is important. We do a lot of talking on our 24-hour hotline, with families we meet with, and in the schools we have TeenTalk in,” said Denise Qualey, the Managing Director of Crisis and Clinical Services at Kids in Crisis. Continue Reading →

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Drunk Driving Endangers One in Five Teens: Interview with GHS’s Peter Negrea

“I’ve seen drug deals in school. When you go into the bathroom during or in-between classes, you’ll see kids smoking weed or electronic cigarettes, which the fire alarms can’t detect… drug use is so prevalent and nobody is stopping the clear issue. And this is a teen saying this. I’m saying, ‘Great, we understand there’s a problem. Now what are going to do about it?’” said Peter Negrea (GHS ’16), the founder of the Greenwich Safe Rides Board and Executive Secretary of the Greenwich First Selectman’s Youth Commission. Continue Reading →

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Juvenile Review Board: A Chance for Underage Greenwich Offenders to Avoid a Criminal Record

“A Juvenile Review Board (JRB) is perceived, in some circumstances, as punitive. We look at it from the perch of restorative justice because the JRB is really service-based. We put services in place to help better position a child to make better choices in the future… I care passionately about young people having what they need to be successful,” said Jenny Byxbee, the co-Chair and co-Founder of the Greenwich Juvenile Review Board. Continue Reading →

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When a Lost Wallet Leads to Felony Arrest: Interview with Greenwich Police Sgt. Zuccerella

A fake ID is not a benign rite of passage. In fact, it is a Class D Felony to be caught with a fake. Though there aren’t too many instances of Greenwich teens getting caught with fakes, it does happen. According to Greenwich Police Sergeant Mark Zuccerella, a more common risky teen behavior is underage drinking. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Historical Society Tours Riversville to Round Hill: Evolution from Farmland to Country Clubs, Private Schools

A Historical Society bus tour of history-rich Northwestern Greenwich made several stops. One stop was at a house made of stones from China’s Yangtze River. Another stop was at the 33-acre Field-Griffen House, one of the oldest estates in Greenwich, where for several generations Quakers farmed. The sold-out tour stopped at the Round Hill Store, the oldest general store in America, and also stopped at the site at which the Ku Klux Klan burned a 20-foot high cross to retaliate the opening of an ecumenical church in 1924. Continue Reading →

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Rejoice! Lugano Brings Swiss Village with Italian Influence to Old Greenwich

Nick Racanelli brings his most experienced staff from Molto, ZAZA, and Dolce to Old Greenwich where Lugano Wine Bar and Salumeria fills a void. Though the restaurant quietly opened on June 24, diners were already returning for a reprise of the Scampi and Steak Salad they enjoyed a week earlier. Lugano, a newcomer to Greenwich’s restaurant scene, offers a superb selection of Salumeria, Tapas, exquisite meatballs, and in the process reinvents “Italian.” The expansive 39 ft bar opens to a lively main dining room to the right, but there is an option of a quieter dining area off to the left. The wine selection is carefully honed to match the unique dishes. Lugano does not disappoint. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Academy Student-Driven Stardust Gazette Shines

Featuring artists recognized in The New York Times, Vogue Italia, The Whitney, and The Guggenheim Museum, writers published in The New Yorker and Poetry (by the Poetry Foundation), 6 Pushcart nominees, and contributors from 12 different countries, this international neo-literary magazine is a must-read. Continue Reading →

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