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Greenwich Special Victims Sergeant Zuccerella Talks Teen Risky Behavior

Sergeant Mark Zuccerella of the Greenwich Police Department Special Victims Unit urges parents to talk to their children about sex, substance abuse and their use of social media.

“Your social media footprint is traceable. Colleges use it. Employers use it. We use it. Also, is it really worth smoking weed and getting in a car and driving around as a 17 year-old? It’s not worth it.” – Sergeant Mark Zuccerella Continue Reading →

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Kids in Crisis: If Drinking is a Rite of Passage, Conversation Should Be Too

“People think it’s just a rite of passage that all kids are going to drink and experiment, and that may be so, but the risk isn’t taken out of it. I think that having conversations with your kid and at school on a regular basis about the dangers and pitfalls of risky behavior is important. We do a lot of talking on our 24-hour hotline, with families we meet with, and in the schools we have TeenTalk in,” said Denise Qualey, the Managing Director of Crisis and Clinical Services at Kids in Crisis. Continue Reading →

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