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Greenwich Republicans Point Fingers at CMS PTA While PTA Calls Former State Rep’s Survey Misleading

Tensions are mounting as the deadline to submit request or state grant money for CMS looms and cost estimates may exceed $67.5 million approved by BET. To qualify for the grant the funding must be “adequate.”
At Thursday’s BOE meeting, CMS PTA co-president Jen Behette said parents had been confused by a survey from former State Rep Harry Arora whose wife is on the building committee. Continue Reading →

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TURNER: Now With COVID Billions, Is It Time for a Conn. Income Tax Cut?

“As a result of the American Rescue Plan (e.g., the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill) becoming law, Connecticut state government will receive approximately $2.6 billion and our cities and towns $3.4 billion. Given this, we should pause to consider what a possible once in a life-time opportunity these funds may be creating for the people of our state both now and in the long term.” – Tony Turner Continue Reading →

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TURNER: CT Job and Wage Growth Are Last – Our Time Has Run Out

“Starting now, we should right size government over time, working smartly with rigid deliberation in taking out the inefficiencies brought to light by the pandemic, make our tax rates competitive and focus on job growth, all the while being fair to all our citizens in the negotiations. If not, we will find ourselves in a continued economic stalemate, still dead last. We’ve hit bottom. Our time has run out.” – Tony Turner Continue Reading →

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