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State $205 Million Project to Rehab I-95 from Exit 2 to 6 is Withdrawn by Governor Lamont

“We were able to show the State that there was a need for a more comprehensive plan to mitigate the noise generated by highway traffic, which has a negative impact on our residents and environment.” – Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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Neighborhood Citizens Against I-95 Noise to Host Info Session

Neighborhood Citizens Against I-95 Noise, a newly formed bi-partisan group, is holding a public forum on Tuesday, Oct 19 at the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center, where they will share the results of a certified Noise Study. Doors open at 6:30pm and the program starts promptly at 7:00pm. The Eastern Greenwich Civic Center is located at 90 Harding Road in Old Greenwich. The group is comprised of concerned residents from Byram, Cos Cob, Riverside, and Old Greenwich who have come together to actively engage with Town and State officials on the topic noise issues associated with Connecticut’s highways. They want to engage Connecticut’s Dept of Transportation to use noise remediation whenever it undertakes significant highway rehabilitation projects. Continue Reading →

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As Port Chester Super-Sizes, Traffic Safety Issues Come to a Head in Byram

Byram residents say traffic and dangerous driving threaten their neighborhood safety and quality of life.
Across the river in Port Chester, where Main Street is being redeveloped with multi-story buildings, residents will funnel through Byram to reach I-95 exit 2. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Tree Conservancy Urges DOT to Work with Town on Tree Removal and Re-Planting Plan

“Greenwich is the Gateway to Connecticut. CTDOT has a responsibility to do no further harm, to mitigate the damage that has been done, and to work with the Town of Greenwich and other community stakeholders.” – JoAnn Messina and Francia Alvarez Continue Reading →

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