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“Talking Transportation”: We’re already paying tolls !

Did it come to anyone’s surprise that Connecticut roads were recently named “worst” in the US in a White House study conducted by the American Society of Civil Engineers?  They told us what we already know:  41% of Connecticut’s 21,000 miles of highways are in “poor” condition and 30% of our 4200 bridges are “structurally deficient”. Speaking of which… how about our Governor, Dannel Malloy, whose aspirations for a job in the Clinton administration have him favoring political pandering instead of public policy. Two years ago US Transportation Secretary Anthony Fox visited Hartford when Foxx was seeking support for the President’s transportation plan. At a press conference, the Governor joined the assembled Congressional delegation (all Democrats) and was quick to beat up on the Republicans in Congress for stalling progress.  But when a reporter asked about having Connecticut help pay its own way with highway tolls, the Governor reacted as if he’d found a turd in the punch-bowl. Continue Reading →

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New Speed Change Lanes on I-95 in Norwalk Should Ease Congestion

The additional lane — a “speed change lane” — on I95 between exit 14 and 15 northbound just opened five months ahead of schedule. The lane gives cars a chance to accelerate and decelerate without interrupting the flow of 3 main lanes of traffic. State Senator Bob Duff said about 140,000 vehicles travel through I95’s “choke point number one” daily. Continue Reading →

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