LETTER: Noise Levels Generated by I-95 Traffic Make Our Windows Rattle

Open letter to Joseph Guletti, Commissioner, CT Dept of Transportation from Louis Van Leeuwen, Riverside

RE: DOT Project 56-316, work to be performed on I-95 in the Greenwich area.

Dear Commissioner Guletti,

This is to advise you that the decibel noise levels both during the day and at night far exceed the EPA’s Noise Control Act of 1972 and the Quiet Communities Act of 1978, both of which remain in full effect.

These acts have set the standard during daytime hours not to exceed 55 decibels and not to exceed 45 decibels at night in residential areas. The levels recorded at my home are consistently and considerably above 70+ db during the day and peak higher during night time hours. Our windows have been known to rattle. None of these assertions are exaggerated and are fully verifiable through and independent testing lab.

It is a well-known fact that noise generated by I-95 traffic, at all hours, would be dramatically reduced if the proper sound barriers were installed.

These findings are not unique to our home.We have suffered significant financial harm due to the location of our home an dht eproximity to I-95 and the subsequent significantly added noise levels.

We would like to know what steps are being taken with DOT Project 56-316 that will result in the installation of sound barriers.

We have suffered way too long and stand ready to do whateer it will take, to the full extent of the law, to reduce the unconscionable noise levels.

Louis Van Leeuwen

CC: First Selectman Fred Camillo, Riverside Association, All contiguous neighbors, Steve Meskers, Harry Arora, Kimberly Fiorello, Pam Sucato (DOT), Jim Michel (Greenwich DPW)

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