BURNS: BET Must Support BOE Capital Expenditure Proposals

Submitted by Barrett Burns, Greenwich Resident

To Members of the BET,

I strongly support the funding of the BOE capital expenditure proposals ….. the sooner, the better.

It is time to bite the bullet and stop the big deferral.

Either we support education for our kids or we don’t, and it starts with having adequate facilities from which to build robust educational programs.  There is no middle of the road on this. The educational programs only have successful outcomes when supported by the proper physical facilities. We either invest in our students’ futures or we don’t.

It’s as simple as that.

The B O E and associated consultants have thought this out in a logical manner and their recommendations must be supported by the BET.

Proper educational facilities, together with top notch educational programs, draw families to Greenwich supporting property values and thus the tax base.

To repeat, either we believe in the value of education or we don’t.  How can a community like Greenwich not properly support education starting with the physical plant?

Barrett Burns
Greenwich Resident