Camillo Pushes Back Against Greenwich Patriots Accusation that Town Promotes CRT through Bias Training

Statement from Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo

In recent days, an email has been disseminated by a local group calling themselves the Greenwich Patriots. This group has accused the Town of Greenwich of promoting Critical Race Theory through bias training that town employees received a few months ago.

This baseless and inaccurate accusation refers to the inherent bias training the town has done for its employees for years.  This is a practice that every municipality does for their employees and, in fact, some of the training is mandated by the state.

The training does not focus on race, nor ethnicity, or any other particular topic. Instead it focuses on the general issue of bias and how to recognize having it so the town can avoid potentially costly litigation.

Mandated state training for municipal employees is not critical race theory.  

The writer representing this group has complained about the $28,000 cost of the training.

Considering the legal fees, judgment awards and potential overall exposure the town could face, if this training helps just one employee avoid an embarrassing and costly situation then it is well worth the cost. Sadly, we see too many tax dollars wasted when one employee misbehaves and it causes a lawsuit to be launched. 

As we turn the page on 2022, let us also turn the page on misinformation, incivility and reckless accusations. Instead, let us endeavor to be kind, more tolerant of divergent views and recognize the many things that bring us together as a town. Let’s celebrate all that makes it the wonderful place we all love and call home. 

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah as well as a happy and healthy 2023!