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Melillo: Connecticut Democrats Run to Trump – Ignoring the Issues Facing Connecticut:

“And as Connecticut continues to see state liabilities continue to go unfunded, budget deficits widening each cycle and new tax plans being schemed up in Hartford, the Connecticut Democrats tell you Trump will make this a concealed carry state again, and flood Connecticut with weapons.” – Andrew Melillo, Greenwich Continue Reading →

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Jeff Ramer: Single Party Politics Jeopardizes Board of Ed Balance

A new plan would increase the Board of Ed to 10 members serving four-year terms. Five would come up for election every two years, with three of the five to come from the candidates named by the majority Party. Thus six of the ten members on the Board of Ed would be from the candidates named by the Republican Town Committee. That is a lot of control for a dwindling Party that today represents only 38% of the registered voters in Town. Continue Reading →

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Farricker: Letter to Greenwich Republicans

“Greenwich is responsible for 10% of ALL the money that the State has to spend. However, all we get back is about 0.25% and that is wrong. The fact is that our local administration has decided that fighting Hartford is more important than getting what we deserve which may be satisfying but it gets us nothing at all…. My priority is getting our fiscal house in order in a way that benefits all of the residents of Greenwich and if those ideas are considered “Republican” ideas, so be it.” – Frank Farricker, candidate for First Selectman Continue Reading →

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