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#HateCan’tWin Demonstration Set for Saturday outside Havemeyer Building

Samarpana Tamm has organized a demonstration, dubbed “Hate Can’t Win.” The demonstration is 1:30pm to 3:00pm and she hopes for a grassroots effort where people can speak out against racism and hatred. The event is intentionally timed just before Martin Luther King Day. Continue Reading →

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Brainstorming Session Helps Those Frustrated by Trump’s Election to Find Their Voice

At a town hall gathering, the topic was voicing concerns about Donald Trump’s agenda, appointments, and business conflicts of interest. Buses are being organized to transport people to the Women’s March on Washington on Jan 21, 2017. A representative from Pantsuit Nation introduced herself at the meeting. Continue Reading →

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DTC Chair Ramer: “When people fail to ostracize bad behavior, they condone it”

Jeff Ramer - Greenwich Free Press

“When people fail to ostracize bad behavior, they condone it, and by doing so, they perpetuate it. Witness the boorish louts who stood at the back of the room at the Bhargava/Camillo debate, heckling and catcalling only when Ms. Bhargava spoke. Mr. Camillo said nothing. People running about at night, pulling out “Dita” signs and replacing them with “Camillo.”” – Jeff Ramer Continue Reading →

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