Letter: Budkins and Hess are very competent women committed to making Greenwich better

Letter to the Editor submitted by Richard Kriskey, April 9, 2018

The letter written by Democrat operative Laura Kostin in the Greenwich Free Press regarding our beloved Town Clerk Carmella Budkins and BET member Debra Hess is outrageous and dripping with innuendo and false allegations. Kostin, a member of the Democrat Town Committee, is also a brand new RTM member.

When she ran for RTM she published an op-ed ripping as misogynist those who criticized her candidacy and called out the vitriol in politics. Yet here she is spewing vitriol directly at two very competent women committed to making Greenwich better while misrepresenting the facts. The facts are simple. The results of the audit Kostin refers show that over 2 years there was a difference of $28.01 in all the accounts that are kept by the Town Clerk’s offices. And that $28.01 was not a deficit it was a surplus in favor of the Town.

At a recent RTM committee meeting, even a former DTC Chairman and current BET member has come to the defense of our town clerk over these smears.

Carmella Budkins has run a friendly, efficient and honest office for 26 years and for Laura Kostin to imply anything but that is a flat out lie. What is our town becoming when our good faithful servants are attacked without cause.

Richard F. Kriskey
Former Chairman Board of Estimate and Taxation

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