Greenwich DTC Chair Ramer Calls on Local State Reps to Stop Playing “Swamp” Politics with Chief Justice Nomination

Jeff Ramer - Greenwich Free Press

Jeffrey Ramer, Chair of the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee called on the Greenwich state delegation to confirm Andrew McDonald as Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court.

He dispute claims by state Republicans that Justice McDonald does not have the requisite experience, has a liberal bias and should be disqualified due to his longstanding friendship with Gov. Malloy, referring to the arguments as smokescreens.

Legal experts across the political spectrum attest to Justice McDonald’s credentials. The Connecticut Law Tribune editorial board writes, “McDonald is a centrist judge with whom all legislators should be very comfortable.”

“In a rare rebuke to legislators, the legal community has forcefully rejected the scorched-earth approach Republicans in the CT General Assembly are using to block McDonald’s confirmation, and the danger it represents to an independent judiciary,” the DTC said in a statement.

“It’s pretty obvious what the Republicans in the state legislature are doing,” said Jeff Ramer, DTC Chair. “They’re playing the same insidious game the Republicans in the U.S. Senate played after the death of Justice Antonio Scalia when they denied President Obama his constitutional right and duty to nominate a justice to fill the vacant position and have the U.S. Senate vote on the choice.”

“The stench of the GOP leadership in Washington is now enveloping Hartford,” Ramer continued. “The strength of our democracy is not only in the separation of powers, but in having an independent judiciary. We are seeing this threatened nationwide and now the Connecticut Republicans are joining in. Shame on them.”

The DTC is urging Greenwich residents, regardless of party affiliation, to contact State Representatives Michael Bocchino, Fred Camillo, Livey Floren, and State Senator Scott Frantz urging them to do the right thing and confirm Andrew McDonald who is highly qualified for the position and will serve with dignity and merit.