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Port Chester ZBA Considers Tarry Lighthouse. “Folks Like Village’s Rusty, Dusty Form”

About a dozen residents of Byram and Port Chester shared their opinions on the proposed 7-story, 242-unit development that would replace the entire block bordered by North Main St, Mill St, Abendroth and Highland St. Most opposed the project, several cited the appeal of the existing diverse and historic buildings. Continue Reading →

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In Greenwich, Crowd Braves Cold for #HateCan’t Win Demonstration

“Especially Mike Pence’s idea of raising funds for conversion therapy. And what it means for all Americans with different backgrounds and experiences. We’ll be experiencing the effects of this presidency when we’re leaving college in about four years and entering the workforce. We’re really scared.” – Josh Stone, GHS Gay Straight Alliance Continue Reading →

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#HateCan’tWin Demonstration Set for Saturday outside Havemeyer Building

Samarpana Tamm has organized a demonstration, dubbed “Hate Can’t Win.” The demonstration is 1:30pm to 3:00pm and she hopes for a grassroots effort where people can speak out against racism and hatred. The event is intentionally timed just before Martin Luther King Day. Continue Reading →

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