Greenwich DTC Encourages Registered Democrats to Attend January Caucuses

The Greenwich Democratic Town Committee will be enrolling its entire membership for the next two years at neighborhood Caucuses in each of the twelve RTM district locations at 8:00pm on Wednesday evening, January 10, 2018 or at 8:00pm on Thursday, Jan 11, 2018. (See the specific list below)

Every registered Democrat is welcome to attend, to vote, and importantly to step forward to become a member.

“If you would like to take an active role in our Democracy, please come out,” said DTC chair Jeff Ramer, adding that all Democrats are encouraged to attend the specific Caucus of the RTM district in which they are registered to vote. “Democracy is not a spectator sport. Become involved,” said DTC chair Jeff Ramer.

Each person interested must come to the special Caucus of the RTM district in which you are registered to vote. If you are in doubt about whether you are registered as a Democrat or which is the RTM district that applies to you, please telephone the Greenwich Registrar of Voters at (203) 622-7890.

The twelve neighborhood dates and locations are as follows:

District One: Wednesday, January 10th, basement Employee Lounge at Town Hall (7 members)

District Two: Thursday, January 11th, basement Employee Lounge at Town Hall (4 members)

District Three: Wednesday, January 10th, Hamilton Avenue School, community room (4 members)

District Four: Thursday, January 11th, Byram Fire Station (5 members)

District Five: Wednesday, January 10th, Riverside School, cafeteria, (7 members)

District Six: Wednesday, January 10th, Old Greenwich School, cafeteria, (9 members)

District Seven: Wednesday, January 10th, Greenwich High School, student center, (5 members)

District Eight: Wednesday, January 11th, Cos Cob Library, community room, (9 members)

District Nine: Wednesday, January 10th, Western Greenwich Civic Center, room 115, cafeteria, (6 members)

District Ten: Wednesday, January 10th, Round Hill Community Church, meeting room, (5 members)

District Eleven: Thursday, January 11th, North Street School, cafeteria (6 members)

District Twelve: Wednesday, January 10th, North Mianus School, media room (8 members)

All meetings start at 8:00pm.