Connecticut State Senate 36th District

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Gevanter Shares Message of Public Safety, Prosperity and Progress

US Senator Richard Blumenthal said he won his first State Rep race in a special election.
“They are not months long, they are weeks long. They are highly concentrated and they are usually close. Small turnout. And this one is during the summer – smaller turnout. Every single vote, every single call you make, every single contact. Even in this age of social media, there is nothing so important as one human being talking to another, nothing so impactful as your contact with another person. That’s how special elections are won.” Continue Reading →

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Meskers Will Not Run for Senate 36th District Seat Following Kasser’s Resignation

“Her advocacy for the voices of victims of domestic abuse and her sense of social justice still resonate in me,” Meskers said, adding that since news of Kasser’s resignation broke, he had been approached by friends and constituents suggesting he consider running for her seat. Continue Reading →

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Democrats Nominate Greenwich’s John Blankley to Run for CT Senate 36th District

The 36th district convention convened at Town Hall on Monday night, and officially selected John Blankley to be their candidate for State Senator. “What a great honor it is,” Mr. Blankley said after receiving the nomination. “I feel so honored and humbled for you to endorse me for this run. People ask me why do I do it? I’m an idealist. I believe people need a choice.” Continue Reading →

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