Tesei Urges Delegates to Support Levy for Republican Party Nomination for State Senate

Submitted by Peter Tesei, former Greenwich First Selectman (2007-2019)

Dear fellow delegates,

When folks in our town and in our state look for help and advice regarding public service and philanthropic leadership, two words are regularly spoken: “Call Leora.”  

Time and time again, Leora has been there to say “yes” to many worthy causes.  Now, when our state needs to recover from a devastating pandemic, correct its direction under one-party rule, and fill a vacancy in the 36th State Senate district, Leora has stepped up again to offer her blood, sweat and tears to be our party’s candidate for State Senator. 

As a delegate to the district convention on July 10th and as a State Central Committee member, I am honored to whole-heartedly support Leora Levy, who is a pillar of our community and a standard-bearer for our party. No potential state senate candidate of either party has Leora Levy’s distinguished track record of accomplishment as a leader who gets things done. 

When Greenwich needed a new animal shelter, Leora got it done with a public private partnership called Shelter Our Strays.  When the Bruce Museum of Arts and Science needed a board leader and a co-chairman to help it transition to the next level of serving our region, Leora led the expansion of the museum.  When the Greenwich Board of Selectmen needed a member for the Selectmen’s Nominations Advisory Committee, leaders of both parties put their trust in Leora.

When our U.S. soldiers at Bagram Airforce Base needed help, Leora was there.  What was going to take the federal government six months to furnish the first Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic in theatre, Leora got it done in six weeks and sent enough supplies to furnish a second clinic.  She not only raised the funds, she saw to it that supplies were sourced properly, transported across the world, and successfully received by the soldiers.  

And in one of the greatest honors to be bestowed upon any American citizen, when our U.S. President needed an ambassador to represent America in the country of Chile, he turned to Leora.  Her presidential nomination was affirmed by the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee with the support of both of Connecticut’s Democratic U.S. Senators.

Have no doubts, Leora has the capacity to run an effective, fully-funded campaign for the August 17th special election.  Leora has knocked on doors, phone banked, and given of her time and treasure – including as Finance Chair for the Connecticut Republican Party and for the past two Republican gubernatorial campaigns – for other candidates.  She knows how much hard work goes into a political campaign. 

Leora will win as a first-time candidate with a clear Republican message of freedom and free markets.  In addition to her exemplary record of life accomplishments, let’s not forget that Leora has the distinct voice of a Cuban-American, a pioneering professional woman on Wall Street, a mother of three sons, a wife of 36 years, a conservative of the Jewish faith, and more.  Hers is an important voice in our party, which we should absolutely be elevating and promoting in Connecticut. 

In twelve years as First Selectman of the Town of Greenwich, and decades before as a volunteer in public service, I have been honored to get to know many of our town’s leaders. None have been more committed and effective than Leora Levy.  I hope you will join me in supporting my friend, Leora Levy, who seeks our party’s nomination for the 36th State Senate District. 

Peter J. Tesei