Democrats Nominate Greenwich’s John Blankley to Run for CT Senate 36th District

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John Blankley was nominated by Democrats on Monday night to run for State Senate, the office held by Republican Scott Frantz. The vote took place at Town Hall at the 36th district convention.

After Christine Edwards was voted chair for meeting, Jeff Ramer was voted in as secretary. From there, Lin Lavery nominated Mr. Blankley for the state senate seat, which covers Greenwich, North Stamford, and part of New Canaan.

On hand were Mr. Blankley’s wife Vera and daughter Katie DeLuca who is the director of Planning & Zoning at Greenwich Town Hall, as well as his grandchildren.

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Ms. Lavery described Mr. Blankley’s business experiences as “world class,” as he has held major positions in two global corporations.

“We have come out of extremely difficult economic times,” said Lavery, a former Selectman for the Town of Greenwich. She went on to describe Blankley as compassionate, a good listener, and having a proven track record getting people to work together.

“He is a leader who has the experience of building a business and cutting where needed,” she said. “He will help Hartford run a right ship. He’s done it for his whole career as a chief financial officer.”

“What a great honor it is,” Mr. Blankley said after receiving the nomination. “I feel so honored and humbled for you to endorse me for this run. People ask me why do I do it? I’m an idealist. I believe people need a choice.”

Mr. Blankley has served at the executive and board level for shipping, oil and gas, minerals, mining, chemical and technology businesses including Stolt Tankers and Terminals and BP North America, and is currently the co-founder and CEO of Flagship Networks, Inc., a computer consulting and systems integration company. He was elected to Greenwich’s Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) in 2013, having previously served on the Representative Town Meeting (RTM).

Mr. Blankley also serves on the Board of Managers of the St. Andrew’s Society of the State of New York, the state’s oldest charitable organization, and on the Executive Committee of the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee. He and his wife Vera have lived in Greenwich since 1983, and have three children and four grandchildren.


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  • Adam Smith

    CT is falling apart- and the Democrats want to raise spending in Greenwich?

    The Democrats’ goal is to replace the modified pay-as-you-go system with long-term bonding, enabling them to increase spending, effectively load Greenwich citizens with debt.

    They argue, not incorrectly, that the useful life of capital projects spans decades so the cost should, too. But they ignore that the projects being replaced were paid for, without debt, by previous taxpayers.

    In the 1930s Greenwich almost went bankrupt. The town then went to the pay-as-you-go system allowing Greenwich to meet citizen needs while retiring crippling debt, a strategy which made Greenwich the envy of the nation. Those who lived through it said never again. I hope the First Selectman and the BET and the RTM remember that and never allow the Ponzi scheme of borrow and spend to join arms with its just-as-ugly twin sister tax and spend.

    While capital costs are increasing, more out of want than need, we should keep tight rein on them, not borrow tens of millions of dollars so every mega-project is built immediately. Low interest rates relatively speaking notwithstanding, long-term borrowing adds millions to project costs.

    Since 1970, the population of Greenwich is 5% larger, the number of town employees has increased nearly 50%, and expenditures, inflation of adjusted, have grown from $156 million to over $400 million.

    Long Term borrowing is code for higher spending, taxes and further facilitates cronyism. Greenwich needs a prudent, fiscally conservative foundation for the 21st century to buttress us against the continued decline of our state- not a return to 1936, not the path of Hartford, let alone Detroit.

    No new taxes, no new debt. Let’s make Greenwich great again- for us and for our children and their chidlren.