Gevanter Shares Message of Public Safety, Prosperity and Progress

Alexis Gevanter’s campaign hosted a “Weekend of Action” ahead of the August 17 special election for State Senate 36th district.

As the endorsed Democratic candidate, Gevanter will face off against Republican Ryan Fazio and petition candidate John Blankley on Aug 17.

Gevanter, who also received the endorsement of Jim Himes, was joined in Binney Park the morning by US Senator Richard Blumental and State Rep Meskers (D-150), and in Glenville in the afternoon by Governor Ned Lamont.

State Rep Meskers explained that voters can vote in person on Aug 17, or download an absentee ballot application, wait for a ballot and then mail it in.

Or, voters can go to Greenwich Town Hall Monday through Friday, from 8:00am-4:00pm, fill out an application, get a ballot, and vote all in one visit.

Alexis Gevanter holds her son Spencer while Senator Richard Blumenthal praised her integrity, values, energy and dedication.

“It would send such a message for Alexis to win,” Senator Blumenthal said. “It would be national. For a Democrat to win this race again in Greenwich, in a special election will have a ripple effect across the state and this region. We can do it.”

“I’m not going to say anything bad about any of the elected officials in Greenwich or Alexis’s opponents,” Blumenthal said. “The more you know about Alexis, the more you will believe in her energy, her dedication, her inspiration, her values and her integrity.”

Gevanter, a business attorney, has most recently taken on roles of increasing responsibility with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.

Blumenthal described Moms Demand Action as a vibrant, vigorous organization fighting for an end to gun violence.

“As a member of the US Senate I can tell you they have had an impact nationwide,” Blumenthal said.

He credited work done by in the General Assembly by Moms Demand Action for laws strengthening firearm storage in motor vehicles and the ban on Ghost Guns.

“We’re going to win on gun violence safety because history is on our side,” Blumenthal added. “We’re going to win because of the energy, drive and integrity that leaders like Alexis brought to public service.”

Gevanter talked about her business experience and segue to gun violence prevention advocacy.

“I was a business attorney for over 8 years representing companies instituting fair employment practices while continuing to grow and remain profitable. That included making sure there was fair wages, non-discrimination, sexual harassment prevention and also making sure people had paid family leave. Coming off the pandemic, this has been shown to be so critical,” she said. “These are things I worked on with companies while keeping morale high with their employees, while helping them expand across the country and bring jobs to all corners of the nation.”

Gevanter, who described Senator Blumenthal as an absolute champion on gun violence prevention, said her life changed when older son was just six months old.

“He was napping right next to me and I turned on the TV during a peaceful moment and watched the Los Vegas shooting unfold before my eyes,” she said. “And, as we all know here in Connecticut, that was not the first mass shooting, and would not be the last.”

Public Safety, Prosperity and Progress

Having become the chapter leader of Moms Demand Action in Connecticut, Gevanter said she was proud of the work done in the legislature.

“In the course of just the last two sessions, passing eight gun safety bills – ranging from Safe Storage requirements to banning ghost guns, to investing in community violence prevention programs, which have proven to be so effective,” she said.

“To pass these bills in such a bipartisan fashion is not easy. We listened, we built coalitions, we working with other gun violence prevention organizations to get something done. It is imperative that our children are safe in their schools, on their playgrounds and in their homes.”

The candidate said what while she was passionate about gun safety and public health, it would not be her only issue in the State Senate.

“Number two is prosperity. I’m so proud how we have been emerging from the pandemic from an economic perspective. Families are moving to Connecticut in droves. Businesses have been coming in. Jobs are being created,” she said. “I want to continue to continue to lower our taxes, repeal the estate tax and make this a very business friendly environment so families continue to move here and seniors can afford to and want to retire here, and our children come back and have jobs and affordable housing after they go to college.”

She talked about progress, mentioning the student-led climate change rally at town hall on Saturday.

“Our students are focused on this. We need to work to save our environment. We also need to work to expand our voting rights,” she continued, adding that she had worked for the Safe Vote Connecticut, a coalition of voting rights advocates.

She said as State Senator she would also work to protect and expand women’s rights.

“This is going to be a nail biter of a race,” Gevanter said, emphasizing the importance of canvassing. “It’s going to be a close one.”

“Our message is really inclusive and appeals to people in the 36th district I want as many of them as possible to know who we are and what we’re about and how we can make their lives better.”

Senator Blumenthal said he won his first state rep race in a special election.

“They are not months long, they are weeks long. They are highly concentrated and they are usually close,” he said. “Small turnout. And this one is during the summer – smaller turnout. Every single vote, every single call you make, every single contact. Even in this age of social media, there is nothing so important as one human being talking to another, nothing so impactful as your contact with another person. That’s how special elections are won.”

State Rep Steve Meskers and US Senator Richard Blumenthal look on as Democratic candidate for State Senator in Connecticut’s 36th district Alexis Gevanter greets her son. July 25, 2021 Photo: Leslie Yager
Senator Richard Blumenthal and Gevanter with her sons Jamie and Spencer. July 25, 2021 Photo: Leslie Yager
Democratic candidate for State Senate Alexis Gevanter thanks US Senator Richard Blumenthal for his support at an event in Binney Park on Sunday, July 25, 2021 Photo: Leslie Yage
State Rep Steve Meskers, Alexis Gevanter and Richard Blumenthal in Binney Park, Sunday, July 25, 2021 Photo: Leslie Yager