OPEN LETTER to BET: RTM Members Request $42.017M Funding for Central Middle School


Open Letter to the Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) from RTM Members, Requesting Approval of $42.017M for Central Middle School at their Oct 24 meeting

To Members of our Board of Estimate & Taxation (BET),

We, as elected officials to the RTM and BET, work for the residents of Greenwich. The BET will fail their constituents if they do not approve the interim funding for the new Central Middle School Building at their Oct 24 meeting.

At the marathon, 4-hour Planning and Zoning meeting last Tuesday night, there were over 160 people in attendance, and nearly 100% of those who spoke were in favor of building CMS as proposed by the CMS Building Committee without delay (only 1 person spoke against). The Municipal Improvement application was approved by P&Z unanimously, opening the door to get the project funded by the BET.

This essential project is long overdue and overwhelmingly supported by current, former and future families of CMS, as well as neighbors near and far. The new building will provide our children and community a long-term top-flight educational facility that Greenwich deserves and will be proud of for the least cost possible.

We, the undersigned of the RTM, urge you to approve the interim appropriation to allow for construction to begin on schedule. Please listen to the pleas of the bipartisan BOE, bipartisan building committee, the CMS Principal, the PTAs and the Greenwich community at your special meeting Tuesday Oct 24th.

This is an opportunity to build something that our Town can be proud of and that residents deserve!

From RTM Members:

Francia Alvarez, D12

Craig Amundson, D12

State Rep, Hector Arzeno, D8

Lisa Becker Edmundson, D8

Peter Berg, D8

Maria Bocchino, D4

Rob Carter, D6

Bob Chaney, D11

Matt DesChamps, D6

Christine Edwards

Jim Finn, D8

Mary Flynn, D12

Dawn Fortunato, D3

Tracy Freedman, D11

Bill Galvin, D7

Ellen Brennan-Galvin, D7

Alison Ghiorse, D1

Karen Giannuzzi, D11

Dana Gordon, D8

Mareta Hamre, D10

Barbara Hindman, D12

Sammie Jacobs, D8

Scott Kalb, D7

Jonathan Kantor, D12

Mary Keller, D12

Mark Kordick, D9

Myra Klockenbrink, D8

Lucy Krasnor, D5

Adam Leader, D11

Chalon Lefebvre, D12

Lindy Lilien, D5

Richard Margenot, D8

MaryEllen Markowitz, D2

Janet McMahon, D8

Abigail McCarthy, D12

State Rep, Stephen Meskers, D6

Richard Montier, D12

Anthony Moor, D7

Cheryl Moss, Chair, D8

Kathy Myer, D8

Eileen Murdock, D12

Dana Neuman, D11 

Richard Neuman, D11

Jonathan Perloe, D8

Jocelyn Riddle, D12

Steve Rubin, Chair, D3

David Snyder, D6

Cathy Steel, D11

Joanne Steinhart, D9

Louisa Stone, D10

Jay Teevan, D2

Joan Thakor, D5

Caryn Rosenbaum, D8

Alison Soler, D8

Pragati Soni, D2

Mary Tobin, D6

Karsten Vagner, D3

Molly Saleeby, D8

Scott Walker, D2

James Waters, D12

Lucy von Brachel, D4

Victoria Martin Young, D6