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Mother’s Day Bike Ride is Now the Family Bike Fest, Set for May 15 in OG

OGRCC took over the original Mother’s Day Bike Ride from Greenwich Safe Cycling in 2013 “to bring greater awareness of the event to the community. To appeal to the broader community, the OGRCC has now changed the original theme from a Mother’s Day Bike Ride to a Family Bike Fest!” Continue Reading →

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Eastern Greenwich Civic Center Users’ Wish List: Working Kitchen, Full Gymnasium, Flex Space… but “Not a Taj Mahal”

Kirk Schubert of OGRCC urged Parks & Rec to consider a field house with rubberized floor. Anne Young said consider getting on the Register of Historic Places in exchange for tax credits. Lou Caravella said make sure to include a working kitchen, and Julie Pisani said, “Most important is that we don’t try and build a Taj Majal … and come in under budget and on time.” Continue Reading →

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VIDEO: Mother’s Day Bike Ride Mountain Bike Stunt Performance

On Mother’s Day, Greenwich families turned out to celebrate mom with a pleasure as simple as a bike ride. The 13th annual Mother’s Day Bike Ride benefited from sunshine and warm temps. The event featured food trucks, flowers, bicycle vendors and Mike Steidley Mountain Bike Stunt Shows. Continue Reading →

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