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Experienced Attorney Joins Board of Selectmen, Impacts Timetable on Potential Litigation for GHS Lights

The Board of Selectmen are waiting for Sandy Litvack to be sworn in and fully briefed on potential litigation to reopen the 2003 settlement with GHS neighbor Bill Effros. The court judgement prohibits Cardinal Field from being illuminated more than a handful of nights per year. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Board of Ed May Consent to Town Litigation of 2003 Lighting Restrictions for GHS Fields

An item has been added by Peter Sherr to Thursday night’s Board of Education meeting agenda to take up the possibility of litigating a 2003 agreement concerning lighting of fields at Greenwich High School. Continue Reading →

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GHS Cardinal Stadium Lighting Upgrades and Deed Restrictions Leave Greenwich Hamstrung. Again.

With the new school year ringing in a change in start time at GHS, the concern that shorter daylight hours for sports games and practices is being weighed against the outdated lighting in Cardinal Stadium and deed restrictions resulting from a settlement with residential neighbors.

Town attorney Wayne Fox said nothing has been decided regarding legal action to overturn the stipulations in a 2003 court order. Continue Reading →

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Letter to the Editor: Are Rich People Above the Law in Greenwich?

“Recently, a group of less affluent Greenwich citizens learned a group of more affluent Greenwich citizens planned to move their house of worship from a spacious “back-country” setting in a wealthy part of town to a small, federally protected wetland in a less affluent part of town, without first providing proper notice and obtaining all required permits.” Bill Effros Continue Reading →

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