Effros: When does the Board of Education plan to close Greenwich High School for Remediation?

Letter to the editor submitted by Bill Effros, Old Church Road neighbor of Greenwich High School, Jan 10, 2018

To The Editor:

On Monday The Board of Education released an “Environmental Testing Update” which said, in part:

“The Town of Greenwich entered the site  into the Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP)  under Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) 22a-133x earlier in 2017.  

The VRP will guide the investigation and remediation activities at the site and facilitate

 Connecticut Department of Energy and
 Environmental Protection (DEEP) involvement
 as the Town continues to move towards
 an approved remedial plan for the site. 

 DEEP will retain oversight of remaining
investigations and remediation of the site
 while the site is in the VRP.”

The remediation plan submitted by the Town for approval requires the school to be closed.

  • When does the Board of Education plan to close Greenwich High School?
  • Where will the students go while the school is closed?
  • Does the $138,136,819 estimated cost include increased educational expenses for 2,700 students for one to two years?
  • Where will athletes practice?
  • Does The Board of Education plan to change start times?
  • What will the Town do if the closed school cannot reopen?

Bill Effros
GHS Abutting Neighbor

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