Road Works in Central Greenwich Require Patience from Local Drivers

Road paving outside the Greenwich Police Dept on Mason Street on Monday July 31, 2017

In a perennial summertime inconvenience, several well traveled roads in downtown Greenwich are benefiting from much needed improvements. While many Greenwich residents are away on vacation, and it is an ideal time to get road works project completed, police advise local drivers to anticipate delays detours, large moving trucks and workers in the roadway.

Greenwich repaving projects include Mason St, Havemeyer Pl and Bruce Place. Also there is a state project at the intersection of East Putnam Ave, Church St and Mason St, (by the Greenwich YMCA) where sewer improvements have been advancing at night under bright spotlights.

Greenwich Police request that drivers use be patient and remain alert.

“Beware if you come into the Greenwich central area. Give yourself extra time. You could get bogged down,” Nemecek said. “They’re just doing their job. Just let them do their job.”

Nemecek noted that traffic is being diverted or stopped, and several downtown areas are tagged as temporary no parking zones.  Additionally, road surfaces are rough and manholes are exposed, which will also make driving a bit tricky through those areas.

  • The construction is taking a toll on pedestrians and cyclists too, but that doesn’t seem like much of a concern to planners.

    For one who has been living at the corner of Church and the Post Road, this construction nightmare has been going on for close to two years.

    Our neighbors joke, “there is nothing finer than the smell of fresh asphalt in the morning.”

    Oh! And a nod to car dealers who are taking this opportunity to upgrade their facilities on Rte 1. This adds much to the “character and charm” of Greenwich.