Greenwich Police Dept Officer Escobar Named Officer of the Month


Greenwich Police have named Edwin Escobar Officer of the Month for his actions in December.

Escobar, who was sworn in as a member of the Greenwich Police Dept in 2020, saved a life, apprehended mail thieves, and took a firearm off the streets.

On December 7, 2023, Greenwich Police Officer Edwin Escobar responded to a medical call involving a subject who had overdosed and was possibly not breathing.  Upon assessment of the patient, Escobar administered one dose of Narcan and realized the patient still needed more assistance to breathe, so he delivered rescue breaths with a bag valve mask and then administered a 2nd does of Narcan, ultimately negating the overdose, enabling transport of the patient to the hospital where the person ultimately recovered.

On December 19, 2023, in the early morning, Escobar observed two males acting suspiciously on Greenwich Avenue. They were circling the area near the Postal Service mailboxes. Officer Escobar recognized one of the subjects as a suspect from a previous mail theft.  Shortly after, Escobar located a parked car and observed a belt on the front seat with a fly trap on one end.  This type of device is commonly used to steal mail from postal boxes.

A short while after this, Escobar noticed the vehicle he had previously observed parked with the belt/fly trap contraption traveling on Greenwich Avenue by a male who matched the appearance of one of the subjects in the vehicle he observed earlier acting suspiciously.  A car stop was conducted and the car was searched after a piece of paper with a sticky substance on it was observed in plain view.  The subject was then arrested on multiple charges including Possession of Burglar Tools, Attempted Larceny, and Possession of a Weapon in a Motor Vehicle.

On December 25, 2023, in the early morning hours, multiple Greenwich Police units were dispatched to Greenwich Ave on a report of a male acting suspiciously around a Postal Service mailbox.

Upon observing responding the police units, the subject grabbed something located at his feet and fled on foot, ultimately getting into the passenger seat of a vehicle that attempted to flee the scene. The fleeing vehicle, which was later discovered to have been stolen, crashed into Officer Escobar’s marked cruiser and then into a sign.  The occupants of the vehicle fled on foot.  Post-crash, Officer Escobar chased one of the occupants on foot and was able to assist in placing him under arrest with other officers. Located within the crashed vehicle was a large amount of stolen mail, a handgun, and high-capacity magazines.  Both occupants were subsequently arrested and charged appropriately.

Officer Escobar’s diligence and dedication to service and duty exemplify the values and commitment to service that the Greenwich Police Department strives to provide to the Town of Greenwich.