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Gordon Caplan “Deeply Ashamed,” Insists Daughter Was Unaware of His Behavior

“I apologize not only to my family, friends, colleagues and the legal Bar, but also to students everywhere who have been accepted to college through their own hard work.” – statement from Gordon Caplan Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Attorney Snagged in Epic College Cheating Scandal

Bribery and fraud were allegedly used in a massive scheme to facilitate high school age children’s admission to colleges and universities across the country. Dozens of people have been charged including Greenwich resident Gordon Caplan. Not all the students who benefited from the cheating were even aware it was done on their behalf. Continue Reading →

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GEG Presents “Taking the Stress Out of the College Essay” at Arch Street Teen Center

Greenwich Education Group’s free seminar on writing the college essay will cover a range of topics, including choosing the most appropriate prompt questions on the Common Application as well as supplemental essay, selecting the right topics, using the right tone, style and approach, organizing the drafts and final versions, and avoiding common mistakes. There are two sessions on Sept 14 to choose from. Continue Reading →

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Susan Batcheller, Dr. Paul Lowe, & Henry Del’Angelo Share Their Golden Trios of College Essay Advice

Some take summer classes to help with the daunting task, others try to avoid it at all costs (even with the nagging in the back of their heads), and a few wait until the moment strikes to write down their college-admission-masterpiece. No matter what method used, it’s almost impossible to know what makes up the perfect college essay. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Admissions Advisors: Are You Sabotaging the College Process?

Dr. Paul Lowe, of Greenwich Admissions Advisors, stays up-to-date on changes in leadership, culture and even specific needs within departments at top colleges. His advice goes beyond dog-eared advice books. Part of his job is making clients aware that their competition goes beyond their urban or suburban communities, and is fact global. Continue Reading →

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