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Incoming GHS Student Government Leaders Introduce Themselves

Lucas Gazianis said issues for student government next year will include student engagement and opportunity block. Zane Khader talked about his parents’ American Dream and the importance of work ethic and fighting entitlement among students. Continue Reading →

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New GHS Senior Class President, 2nd Girl Elected in a Decade, Has Big Plans for 2017-18

Alissa Landberg is the senior class president for the class of 2018 and she’s very excited for the upcoming year.

“I wanted to challenge myself and really see what I could do in a more serious position.” Alissa said about her decision to run for senior class president. She is only the second female student to be elected to this position at Greenwich High School in the last ten years.

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GFP Week in Review: Urinals, Plankton, Dogs, Moorings, Interns

This was one of the busiest weeks to date for Greenwich Free Press. Matt and Courtney finished their 5-week internships and graduated form GHS on Thursday. Greenwich Academy’s Allie Primak jumped right in. Next week Nicola Traynor, who is destined for Northwestern University in the fall, will lend her pen to the site. Watch this space. Continue Reading →

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Off to UC Berkeley, GHS Student Gov Leader’s Swan Song

Outgoing Student Gov Executive Committee President Guillermo Perez thanked his mother for enrolling him in Greenwich Public Schools 14 years ago. He praised the GHS headmaster specifically. “Dr. Winters for being the coolest headmaster int he world! Miles above Dumbledore! Doc! You make the high school the best it can be.” Continue Reading →

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