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Stamford Animal Care & Control Volunteer Defends Laurie Hollywood

“Adoptions increased, euthanasia decreased. She began a dialogue with the public, educating them of the importance of spaying and neutering, promoting low-cost services and helping people find ways to retain their pets rather than abandon them.” Jenny Colucci (OPIN) on Laurie Hollywood’s tenure as manager of Stamford Animal Care & Control Continue Reading →

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GFP Week in Review: Urinals, Plankton, Dogs, Moorings, Interns

This was one of the busiest weeks to date for Greenwich Free Press. Matt and Courtney finished their 5-week internships and graduated form GHS on Thursday. Greenwich Academy’s Allie Primak jumped right in. Next week Nicola Traynor, who is destined for Northwestern University in the fall, will lend her pen to the site. Watch this space. Continue Reading →

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