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GHS BEAK: Styrofoam Free School Lunches Are Better for the Environment

“These trays also lead to enormous amounts of waste because they are not considered recyclable in Greenwich. Over 480,000 trays will be added to the waste stream each year – without these trays, there will be a 75% reduction of cafeteria waste.” – Emma Burstiner, GHS Beak Editor-in-Chief Continue Reading →

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DesChamps: Styrofoam Trays Don’t Belong In Greenwich Schools

“Every day in the Greenwich Public School cafeterias, our children are exposed to a toxic material that creates significant waste and environmental damage for just minutes of use. It is time to replace styrofoam lunch trays with a safer, eco- friendly reusable foodservice ware.” – Julie DesChamps, Greenwich Recycling Advisory Board Member Continue Reading →

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