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Attorney General Tong Shares Update on Fight Against Robocalls

“Since (2019) Since then, we have jointly blocked more than 52 billion spam calls and initiated hundreds of domestic and international investigations to identify, stop, and bring these scammers to justice. Our work has just begun, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting American families from these malicious calls.” – CT Attorney General William Tong Continue Reading →

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Attorney General Tong Warns Consumers that Amazon Sidewalk Will Automatically Connect Smart Home Devices to Shared Network on June 8

“”This is uncharted territory for the privacy and security of devices like Alexa, Echo and Ring, and existing users of those products will be defaulted into the Amazon Sidewalk network automatically on June 8.” – Attorney General William Tong Continue Reading →

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AG Tong Joins Coalition of 44 Attorneys General Urging Facebook to Abandon Launch of Instagram Kids

At a Congressional hearing in March, Zuckerberg dismissed the idea that social media is harmful to children, despite strong data and research that has shown a link between young people’s use of social media and an increase in mental distress, self-injurious behavior, and suicidality. Instagram has been frequently flagged for increasing suicidal ideation, depression, and body image concerns in children. Continue Reading →

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Attorney General Tong Urges Congress to Void Trump-Era Rule Eliminating Key Limits on Dangerous Pollutants

Attorney General William Tong joined a coalition of 21 attorneys general and the cities of Denver and Chicago on Tuesday in urging Congress to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to invalidate a Trump Environmental Protection Agency regulation that eliminates key limits on pollutants from oil and gas facilities that contribute to climate change and smog. Continue Reading →

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Frank Talk about Racism Trips up State Rep at “Mansion Tax” Hearing

Last week, the bill on everyone’s mind was SB1024. Over 340 people signed up to speak at a CGA Planning & Development Committee hearing on March 15, which focused on SB1024, aka “Desegregate CT bill.” The legislation would require all Connecticut towns to change zoning to allow more multi-family housing based on the premise that it would lead to more affordable housing. This week the bill that is top of mind is SB1068, also called the “mansion tax.” A public hearing on Monday drew 67 people to testify. Continue Reading →

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AG Tong Joins 48 Attorneys General Filing Lawsuit against Facebook

As laid out in today’s complaint, the coalition — led by New York Attorney General Letitia James — argues that Facebook targets competitors with a ‘buy or bury’ approach: if they refuse to be bought out, Facebook tries to squeeze every bit of oxygen out of the room for these companies. Continue Reading →

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