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Khanna: My Position on Gun Safety is Crystal Clear. Where Does Kimberly Fiorello Stand?

“I fully support Connecticut’s ban on assault weapons. There is simply no need for anyone to own a military style weapon that has only one intended purpose—to kill as many people as possible in the least amount of time.” – Rachel Khanna Continue Reading →

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AG Tong Leads $438.5 Million Multi-State Agreement with E-Cig Maker JUUL Labs

JUUL was, until recently, the dominant player in the vaping market. Tong’s office said the multistate investigation revealed that JUUL rose to this position by willfully engaging in an advertising campaign that appealed to youth, even though its e-cigarettes are both illegal for them to purchase and are unhealthy for youth to use. Continue Reading →

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AG Tong Sues Reynolds over Non-Recyclable Hefty “Recycling” Trash Bags

Attorney General William Tong on Tuesday sued Reynolds Consumer Products for violations of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act, claiming the company falsely and deceptively marketed Hefty “Recycling Bags” despite full knowledge that their bags were incompatible with recycling facilities in Connecticut.  Continue Reading →

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