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Greenwich PTA’s to RTM, BET: Release Allocated Funds for New Leb, Avoid Forced Redistricting

“The State’s response to our failure to uphold the agreement is to force redistricting. This is currently being discussed in Fairfield and West Hartford. If redistricting is enforced, the Town of Greenwich would be required to cross-town bus approximately 900 students at a minimum estimated expense of $1,500,000 per year for transportation alone. In addition our neighborhood schools would be lost which would impact all residents’ property values.” – PTA Council executive board and 12 additional PTA executive boards Continue Reading →

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Blankley: Investing in Education is the Only Way Forward

“Some naysayers, even some in my own party, reject a grant designed to solve this problem. The state’s agencies have signed off on the grant and its purpose, so why argue with that? Some are opposed to a larger school but the experience we had with Glenville tells us that we should build appropriately sized schools to accommodate demographic swings. …Then some try to use the state’s financial situation to bolster their position.” – John Blankley, Continue Reading →

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New Leb Building Committee: New School Project is “Shovel-Ready”

“The new school’s size is driven not by classrooms, but rather by the need to bring the common spaces up to the District’s standard sizes. The new building will not exceed those standards and there are no extra classrooms. In fact, the footprint and size of this building are smaller than the last two elementary school projects – Glenville and Hamilton Avenue.” – New Lebanon Building committee Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Schools Superintendent to Hartford: Denying Funds for Diversity School for Which it is Eligible is Unacceptable

“Redistricting was not selected as a viable option as it would create irrational school boundaries which would have to be redrawn every two or three years because of continually changing demographics in the district; necessitate busing large numbers of students and the reassigning of approximately 900 students, significantly increase annual transportation costs, and appreciably add to congestion and traffic emissions on the roads of Greenwich.” – Dr. Sal Corda Continue Reading →

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Frantz: Potential for partially funding the New Lebanon School project is still alive

Livvy Floren, Fred Camillo, Mike Bocchino and Scott Frantz all reported that they remain optimistic about state funding for a new New Lebanon School after meeting on Wednesday with Benjamin Barnes, who is Gov. Malloy’s budget chief. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Tree Warden on New Leb Tree Cuts: “My decision is to remove the minimum number of trees.”

Greenwich Tree Warden Bruce Spaman issued a decision on tree removal at New Lebanon School. He said trees on school campuses are included in “Greenwich’s Community Forest” and that the trees removed must be replaced with a 1 to 1-1/4 ratio. Continue Reading →

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Marzullo Proposes Formation of Committee to Advise Selectmen on Contamination in Greenwich

“This reactive approach to soil contamination remediation is simply not working. It cost the tax payer thousands of additional dollars and it closes down fields, etc In some ways it’s becoming the norm that we test and then we go into remediation defcon 5. There has to be a better way. A proactive way.” – Selectman Drew Marzullo Continue Reading →

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