Demolition of Old New Lebanon School Tentatively Begins Week of May 13

Classroom abatement at the old New Lebanon School dated April 24, 2019.  Abatement is the removal of the hazardous materials such as asbestos and PCB caulk. Demolition in the photo is only for access to the hazardous materials. Removal of the building structure and loading into dump trucks should begin the week of May 13. Photo courtesy Greenwich Schools

The old New Lebanon School will soon vanish. Hazardous abatement is complete and demolition of the building is imminent.

A temporary gravel parking lot is complete and construction fencing around the existing building has been completed.

The new school, which was completed on time and on budget, has received its 4th reimbursement from the state, $3,495,815, totaling $15,738,167 to date. A 5th reimbursement has been requested in the amount of $2,932,368, due in May.


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New Lebanon is an International Baccalaureate magnet school for students in grades PreK-5. The centrally located learning commons, equipped with flexible furnishings and adaptable technological infrastructure, allows for multiple zones of simultaneous learning.

On February 20 students returning from winter break had their first day in their brand new state-of-the-art building, which is designed to meet the sustainability goals established by the Educational Specifications and to achieve a gold-level LEED rating from US Green Building Council.



Gymnasium floor removal at New Lebanon dated April 24, 2019 Photo courtesy Greenwich Schools