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P&Z Watch: Is 92-Unit 8-30g “The Missing Tooth” in the Fabric of Downtown Greenwich?

The commission said they were unsure that existing legal non-conformities would carry over to a new development because while non-conformities travel with a property, when 9 properties are merged, the legal non-conformities might cease to exist. There were also concerns about the optics of developing affordable housing on a contaminated site. Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: 8-30g Application on Mason St – “A Cavernous Effect on the Street”

The P&Z commission noted that while 8-30g waived regs on setbacks for residential, it says nothing about commercial. The application includes retail in both buildings. There were still concerns about a condo building separate from affordable building, as well as height and mass. Continue Reading →

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P&Z Watch: Does Separating Market Rate from Affordables in 2 Buildings Pass the Sniff Test?

“I’m very sensitive every time I testify in Hartford about the perception of Greenwich and the treatment I get when I’m testifying because I’m from Greenwich. I want to show that we’re putting our best foot forward and making a genuine effort. I want to pass the sniff test.” – P&Z chair Margarita Alban Continue Reading →

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Multi-Story Buildings Proposed at Former Honda Dealership on Both Sides of Mason Street

A new application to P&Z would replace the former Honda dealership, as well as a residential house and a commercial building on Greenwich Ave, with two multi-story apartment buildings and retail space on the first floor level. One building would be six stories and one would be stories. Continue Reading →

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