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Republican Selectmen Demur on Investigation of Unauthorized Filming; Democrats Cry “Felony,” “Inside Job”

“Gentlemen, this appears as though it was an inside job. It had to be an inside job. We are sitting here today rapidly approaching 90 days since it was brought to anyone’s attention, giving those involved plenty of time to destroy records and cover up the tracks.” – Tony Turner, DTC Chair Continue Reading →

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Dadakis: Two-Way Dialogue Missing from Bergstein’s “Community Conversation”

“While Mrs. Bergstein, at her Greenwich meeting, claims she wanted a ‘conversation’, the reality was no one in the audience was allowed to have a conversation with her on tolls or anything else. Rather any question had to be submitted in writing and then Bergstein aides chose which ones would be presented. That is not a conversation. I left the scheduled one hour meeting after 45 minutes because not a single question from the audience, written or otherwise, had been answered.” – Ed Dadakis Continue Reading →

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Independence Day Ceremony in Greenwich Sparkles at Town Hall on 4th of July

Bea Crumbine explained that an event like Monday’s Independence Day ceremony at Greenwich Town Hall required the work of friends, volunteers and organizations who aim to make the 4th of July meaningful for the children of Greenwich. This year the Master of ceremonies was Ed Dadakis, who was introduced by Bea Crumbine. Mr. Dadakis has donated over 1,000 American flags for the event over the past few years, and everyone was encouraged to wave them whenever the mood struck. Continue Reading →

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