Dadakis: Two-Way Dialogue Missing from Bergstein’s “Community Conversation”

Letter to the editor submitted by Ed Dadakis

I read newly elected Democratic Senator Alex Begstein’s op-ed (Feb 1.)  which criticized anyone who didn’t support her plan to impose $1 billion of taxes by erecting tolls on Connecticut roadways.

While Mrs. Bergstein, at her Greenwich meeting, claims she wanted a “conversation”, the reality was no one in the audience was allowed to have a conversation with her on tolls or anything else.  Rather any question had to be submitted in writing and then Bergstein aides chose which ones would be presented.  That is not a conversation.

I left the scheduled one hour meeting after 45 minutes because not a single question from the audience, written or otherwise, had been answered.

Additionally, Greenwich Time reported, Bergstein banned toll protestors from coming into the meeting.  People were also denied entrance if they didn’t provide their name and address for recording in Bergstein documents.

In fact, one well known Greenwich community leader declined to give his name and the Bergstein aides called over the police to try to force him to comply. Ultimately he didn’t stay.

Mrs. Bergstein claims Republicans are targeting her by encouraging anti-toll supporters to attend. But isn’t that the very purpose of such meetings–to hear the views of your constituents you haven’t heard.  This is especially important because Bergstein was quoted in a news story saying she never met anyone who opposed tolls.  She has now met people who oppose tolls.

Mrs. Bergstein should also be aware that Republicans who oppose tolls, including Scott Frantz, have been doing so for years and years.  Their opposition has nothing to do with the fact she has now chosen to lead the charge.   Its simply she is their representative and they want their voices heard. None of them including Scott and his lovely wife Icy should be maligned because they want to be heard.

The truth is Republicans have presented many plans to get Connecticut finances in order without raising taxes.  So the $1 billion in Bergstein proposed taxes, okay call them tolls, and her caucuses proposal for a statewide tax on homes and cars is going to generate protest.

Mrs. Bergstein its called democracy

Edward D Dadakis

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